Best Fitness BFAB20 Ab Crunch Machine Review

The Best Fitness BFAB20 ab crunch machine allows any time to be crunch time. Compared with many other ab crunch machines, which demand extreme agility to be totally effective, the BFAB20 ab crunch machine places one in a comfortable sitting position without having to sacrifice workout performance.
Features - 7.5
Ease of Use - 9.5
Durability - 8.1
Value - 9.1

The ergonomically constructed ab crunch machine was designed to help strengthen the back, tighten up the midsection, and improve core stability, with the choice of toning the upper abs with abdominal crunches or the lower abs with knees raised. To do ab crunches, just make use of the textured grip handles, padded upper back support, and standard weight post.

Best Fitness Bfab20 Ab Crunch Machine

Doing knee raises is equally as easy because of the adjustable-length, 2-position footrests. Include a 3-position padded seat, which begins at 45 degrees but features 2 extra 5-degree reclining positions, and we have everything needed to develop an effective ab routine in the comfort of the home.

The BFAB20 ab crunch machine is an indispensable workout accessory as the core is where all the body movements originate. The ab muscles support as well as protect the internal organs and help with breathing, particularly while exhaling.

The abs also work with the back muscles to manage trunk motions like bending and twisting. The BFAB20 ab crunch machine also tones and strengthens the front of the thighs and increases hip flexibility.

Benefits include better-defined abs, a flatter stomach, a more upright posture, well-developed obliques as well as greater support for the spine. Additional features consist of a durable powder-coated finish, a 1.75-inch padded seat, and safety pins and bolts which permit easy setup or disassembly. The BFAB20 ab crunch machine is 22 inches wide by 46 inches high by 64 inches deep and has a warranty of 3 years.

Features of the Best Fitness BFAB20 Ab Crunch Machine:

  • Semi-recumbent abdominal bench made for tightening up the midsection and improving the stability of the core
  • Textured grip handles, upholstered back support, and standard weight post
  • The length is adjustable, with two adjustable footrest positions, three upholstered seat positions
  • Helps to develop a flatter stomach and well-defined abdominals
  • Long-lasting powder coated finish
  • Measuring 22 inches wide x 46 inches high x 64 inches deep

The Best Fitness BFAB20 Ab Crunch Machine is available from:

Body-Solid Best Fitness Semi Recumbent AB Bench (BFAB20), Champagne/Black, 64x22x46

$230.00  in stock
4 new from $230.00
as of December 1, 2023 6:04 am

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